Suspension Parts Shipped To GUAM!?

Suspension Parts Shipped To GUAM!?

Dec 29th 2022

Are you looking to have your lift kit or lowering kit and components shipped to Guam!? Not able to find a shop that will do it! No worries! We ship to GUAM all the time!  We can even on small items ship via USPS for FREE!  Ordering a bigger kit and need it to Guam? No worries! We use Triple B Freight forwarders ocean freight!  

Here's how to setup your order to Guam so it can be shipped to via them!


Shop Online


Enter the following Shipping Address during checkout:

Your Name (Your Island Port – Mode of Transport)
c/o Triple B Forwarders
1511 Glenn Curtiss St.
Carson, CA 90746
example:John Smith (Guam - Ocean)
c/o Triple B Forwarders
1511 Glenn Curtiss St.
Carson, CA 90746

** PRO TIP ** For frequent orders from us, setup your account to have the shipping profile using the address instructions above for faster checkout!


You will then need to fill out the TripleB's SLI forms for each shipment here -

Forward your email order confirmation like invoice receipt /commercial invoice along with your tracking info & SLI to USCS@TRIPLEB.COM


We will then ship your parts directly to Triple B Forwarders warehouse in Carson, CA! Their LAX Customer Service team will calculate and email shipping charges to you directly! 

Should you wish to revise Mode of Transport for your shipment – ocean to air or air to ocean, you may do so at this time. 

Please note that shipments being shipped to other Triple B destinations are subject to additional handling fees.


Once payment for shipping charges is processed, your shipment will be on its way to you.

It’s as simple as that!