IHC Suspension Store

IHC Suspension famous for their IHC Drop Kits & IHC Lowering kits build products that are proudly manufactured in the USA!

IHC drop kits are manufactured right here in the USA down in Palmview, Texa. Maybe these guys didn’t invent control arm drop kits but they sure are putting them back on the map. What’s the idea? Using IHC control arms to lower your truck allows you to retain your factory spindles, springs and shocks. You’ll never have to wonder how your truck will ride—same as stock and generally, front end alignment is a breeze. The team at IHC suspension continues to push their chips back on the table, constantly investing in new CNC lathes, mills, CNC press breaks, big-ass laser and some robotic welders. This allows IHC Drop Kits & IHC Lowering Kits to be an all in an effort to keep quality stable and to keep up with ever increasing demand. At SuspensionSuperstore.com, we are committed to our dealer-partnership with IHC Drop Kits and doing our best to keep their expanding product line on our own shelves, ready for quick delivery from our Arizona warehouse.

If you are looking for an IHC lowering kit  or IHC Drop Kit for your Ford, Chevy, GMC or Dodge truck, look no further.   Check out their line of IHC Drop Kits & Lowering kits here on our site, shoot us a live chat, a phone call or email and our suspension experts are always happy to help.

And yes, we honor all dealer/wholesale discounts on IHC lowering kits.   Give us a shout for your special price on your IHC Drop Kit!

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