Elevate Your Ride with Top-Quality Shocks from QA1, Belltech, MaxTrac, FOX, BDS, and Ridetech

Welcome to Suspension Superstore, your ultimate destination for superior aftermarket truck suspension solutions. As the go-to experts in the field, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of shocks designed to transform your driving experience. Explore the world of precision engineering and unparalleled performance with shocks from renowned brands like QA1, Belltech, MaxTrac, FOX, BDS, and Ridetech.


QA1: Unleash Precision Performance

Experience the epitome of performance and durability with QA1 shocks. Crafted with precision engineering, QA1 shocks deliver unmatched control, whether you're navigating rough terrains or cruising on the open road. Our collection of QA1 shocks ensures a seamless blend of comfort and responsiveness, setting a new standard for aftermarket suspension excellence.


Belltech: Where Style Meets Substance

Elevate your truck's aesthetics and performance with Belltech shocks. Known for their innovative design and advanced technology, Belltech shocks provide a perfect balance between style and substance. Trust in the brand that has redefined the art of lowering and lifting, ensuring your truck not only looks good but performs exceptionally.


MaxTrac: Conquer Any Terrain

When it comes to conquering diverse terrains, MaxTrac shocks stand out as the go-to choice. Engineered to handle the toughest challenges, MaxTrac shocks deliver optimal performance, enhancing your truck's off-road capabilities. Take your adventures to new heights with the reliability and ruggedness of MaxTrac shocks.


FOX: Precision Redefined

Indulge in the pinnacle of off-road performance with FOX shocks. Renowned for their race-proven technology, FOX shocks offer unmatched damping control, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride in any conditions. Upgrade to FOX shocks for a ride that seamlessly combines comfort and precision on and off the beaten path.


BDS: Uncompromising Quality

Discover a new level of quality and craftsmanship with BDS shocks. Engineered for durability and performance, BDS shocks provide uncompromising control, making them the ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. Trust in BDS to deliver the rugged reliability your truck deserves.


Ridetech: Innovation in Motion

Experience innovation in motion with Ridetech shocks. Known for pushing the boundaries of suspension technology, Ridetech shocks offer a customizable ride experience. Whether you seek comfort, performance, or a perfect balance of both, Ridetech shocks empower you to tailor your suspension to meet your unique driving preferences.


Why Choose Suspension Superstore?

Extensive Selection

Suspension Superstore proudly offers a diverse selection of shocks from QA1, Belltech, MaxTrac, FOX, BDS, and Ridetech. Whatever your truck's needs or your driving preferences, we have the perfect shock to elevate your ride.


Expert Guidance

Our team of aftermarket truck suspension experts is here to assist you in finding the ideal shocks for your vehicle. Whether you're a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a daily commuter, we provide expert guidance to ensure you make an informed decision.


Unmatched Quality

Suspension Superstore is committed to delivering top-notch quality in every product we offer. With shocks from industry-leading brands, you can trust that you're investing in the longevity and performance of your truck's suspension.


Competitive Prices

We believe that exceptional performance shouldn't come with an exorbitant price tag. Suspension Superstore offers competitive prices on our entire range of shocks, making premium aftermarket suspension accessible to all.


Elevate Your Driving Experience Today

Upgrade your truck's suspension with precision-engineered shocks from QA1, Belltech, MaxTrac, FOX, BDS, and Ridetech. Suspension Superstore is your trusted partner in achieving the perfect 


McGaughys Shocks!

Have you found the perfect shocks to complete your McGaughys lowering kit? If you haven’t then you’re in the right place. McGaughys shocks are specially designed and valved for your McGaughys Lift kit or lowering kit to ensure smooth and hassle free ride.  You can count on McGaughys shocks to include all of the correct mounting hardware, correct bushing sizes & correct shock bushing sleeves making countless trips to the parts house a thing of the past! McGaughys has precisely matched the length of their shocks to be specific to your application. Below you will find a simple and easy to use chart of all the applications for McGaughys Shocks. McGaughys even now offers adjustable lowering and lifting struts for the 2007-2016 Chevy & GMC Trucks and SUVS.  Still not sure what you need? Call, email or live chat us anytime for expert help live!

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