McGaughys Lowering Kit Advantages!

Oct 5th 2015

Advantages of a Quality McGaughys Truck Lowering Kit

When the entire world tends to rise towards the sky, something most come lower, closer to ground, not only to counter-balance, but also to provide a stable foundation. In terms of automotive engineering, cars can be taken closer to the ground by one way specifically: lowering kits.

How does it work?

It works amazing! That is what the owner of truck featuring a quality lowering kit such as McGaughys will tell you. We will discuss the main advantages of a lowered truck later in this article. However, first it would be nice for you, the reader, to have a basic understanding on how a lowering kits tampers with your car, allowing it to reach a smaller ground clearance.

Usually, a lowering kit comes with a set of springs, nuts and bolts, rear shocks and front struts. These will be used to replace their OEM counterparts currently installed on your car by manufacturer. Lowering springs will feature a lower length and higher strength, adjusted by experts to properly sustain the weight of your truck. Shocks will also be built to fit the spring coil system, helping to lower the vehicle. Although McGaughys kits are built to fit perfectly on the truck’s original fittings, it is recommended to use the bolts coming with the lowering package.

Once all the required elements have been replaced, your truck will now feature a low ground clearance, and will benefit from a series of advantages while running. Here are the most important ones.

Advantages of a McGaughys lowered truck

First of all, closer to the ground means more stability. When equipped with a high quality McGaughys lowering kit, trucks will improve handling, as the center of gravity lowers at once with the car. Put in other words, you will be able to attack tighter turns at higher speeds than before. This is especially useful on rough road conditions, running on wet gravel and dirt, since the car will tend to lose grip. Remember that you don’t need to be a racer in order to feel the difference of a higher stability level offered by lowered suspension systems.

Another process resulting from installing a proper McGaughys lowering kit on your truck is better airflow, thus gaining a better aerodynamic coefficient. This happens since lowering your truck will restrict the airflow beneath your car, reducing wind drag and allowing you to accelerate faster and in some cases, reach higher speeds.

While McGaughys lowering kits won’t make your car bulletproof, the system will ensure your truck will be harder to roll over. The higher a vehicle stands, the higher the chance of rolling over. Since trucks normally feature a high ground clearance, roll over risk will be vastly diminished thanks to the lower center of gravity.

When you are desperately looking for more suspension stiffness and regular aftermarket shocks won’t provide it unless for a compromise, going for a lowering kit is probably to best investment you are going to make on your truck for the long term.

About McGaughys truck lowering kits

Having years of experience behind the name and lots of patents registered in the US, McGaughys provides top-quality lowering kits for trucks. Since we are building lowering kits designed specifically to fit a certain truck model, you won’t have to worry about compatibility anytime soon.