Front HQ Shockwave Air Shocks (3.6" Stroke W/ Eye Mount) - Ridetech 21130101

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Universal Front HQ Shockwave Air Shocks (3.6" Stroke W/ Eye Mount) - Ridetech 21130101

The Universal Front HQ Shockwave Air Shocks, featuring a 3.6" stroke and eye mount, offer an exceptional suspension solution. Similar to a CoilOver spring and shock assembly, the ShockWave boasts a mono-tube shock cartridge and the ability to adjust damping. Additionally, both their CoilOvers and ShockWaves provide the convenience of ride height adjustments.

Perfectly suited for each other, RideTech's CoilOvers and ShockWaves can often be exchanged seamlessly. The primary difference lies in the spring mechanism, as ShockWaves employ a versatile air spring with adjustable pressure. This advancement allows for effortless electronic ride height modifications with the simple push of a button.

With the Universal Front HQ Shockwave Air Shocks, customers can experience the unparalleled innovation of a pressure adjustable air spring combined with the superior performance of a monotube shock absorber. Additionally, the ability to fine-tune damping provides a personalized driving experience like no other.

RideTech's commitment to quality and versatility is evident in the interchangeable nature of their CoilOvers and ShockWaves. This compatibility allows customers to select the suspension solution that best fits their needs without compromising on performance or convenience.

Emphasizing convenience even further, the ShockWaves' electronic ride height adjustment capability sets them apart. With this cutting-edge feature, drivers can effortlessly modify their vehicle's ride height to achieve the optimal stance with just the push of a button.


  • Completely Redesigned Internal Design
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Single Adjustable Shock Valving
  • Wide Range of Stroke Lengths Available
  • Mounting Styles to Fit Variety of Applications
  • Impact Forged Body
  • Mono-tube Design for Enhanced Ride Quality and Durability
  • Easy & Precise Valve Adjustment with 24 Rebound Clicks


  • Recommended Applications: Independent front and / or Independent rear installations on vehicles weighing 1,500-2,500 lbs. per axle.
  • NOT recommended for solid axle rear applications ... not enough travel, too much load capacity.
  • Load capacity: 2,140 lbs. @ 100 psi

General Warranty

Ridetech offers a full 1 year, non-transferable warranty from the date of purchase on all products.  In the event that a product is out of the warranty time period, we will evaluate and respond to the customer’s concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Shock Absorber Warranty

Ridetech shock absorbers now have a 1,000,001-mile warranty! We are so confident of the performance and durability of our new shock absorbers, Ridetech offers a 1,000,001-mile lifetime warranty on all Ridetech shocks purchased after Jan. 1 2013.

  • Obvious external damage will not be warranted [accident, component abrasion, etc.]
  • You will need to ship your worn-out shocks directly to Ridetech for evaluation and repair. You pay for your shipping, and Ridetech will pay for return shipping.
  • Ridetech is not responsible for any removal or installation charges. Ridetech is not responsible for any other repairs or damage that might happen to your car.

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