Front HQ Shock With 3.85" Stroke And Narrow T-bar/Stud Mounting - Ridetech 22139846

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Front HQ Shock Absorber With 3.85" Stroke And Narrow T-bar/Stud Mounting - Ridetech 22139846

Experience a revolutionary upgrade for your car's suspension with the cutting-edge Front HQ Shock Absorber. Designed with utmost precision and crafted to perfection, this remarkable product redefines the way your vehicle rides and handles. Brimming with advanced technology, these shocks act as the masterminds behind your suspension system, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

When it comes to enhancing your car's overall performance, there is no better investment than upgrading the brains of your suspension - the shocks. After years of extensive research and collaboration with industry experts at FOX Racing Shocks, Ridetech has delivered a product that stands out amidst a sea of options in the shock market. With their unique design and superior quality, these shocks offer remarkable improvements to your car's dynamics.

Boasting a substantial 3.85" stroke and featuring a narrow T-bar/Stud mounting, these Front HQ Shock Absorbers deliver unparalleled performance on the road. Every component of these shocks has been meticulously engineered to ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration into your suspension system. Get ready to experience a whole new level of control and comfort as you hit the road with confidence.

Ridetech's dedication to innovation and their relentless pursuit of excellence have culminated in the creation of these exceptional shock absorbers. Witness the difference they make in your car's handling, as they effortlessly absorb every bump, dip, and jolt on the road. Elevate your driving experience with the unrivaled performance and reliability of the Front HQ Shock Absorber.


  • Mono-tube design allowing for a large piston with excellent oil control
  • Increased ride quality and handling performance
  • Hardened shaft measuring 1/2" precision ground and straightened to a tolerance of .001" for enhanced durability and performance
  • Billet end cap featuring an integrated debris wiper to prevent seal damage
  • Teflon piston wiper ensuring consistent piston/bore contact and repeatable performance
  • Oversized rod guide improving piston rod stability
  • Integral internal bumpstop eliminating extension crashing
  • Mono-tube bore cathode anodized for long-lasting wear resistance
  • Hard coat external anodizing guaranteeing lasting beauty and performance
  • Specially contoured composite gas separator cup optimizing dead length and ensuring proper nitrogen/oil separation
  • Superior fluid control in its most simple and efficient form thanks to the mono-tube design that uses fewer components than the twin tube design

General Warranty

Ridetech offers a full 1 year, non-transferable warranty from the date of purchase on all products.  In the event that a product is out of the warranty time period, we will evaluate and respond to the customer’s concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Shock Absorber Warranty

Ridetech shock absorbers now have a 1,000,001-mile warranty! We are so confident of the performance and durability of our new shock absorbers, Ridetech offers a 1,000,001-mile lifetime warranty on all Ridetech shocks purchased after Jan. 1 2013.

  • Obvious external damage will not be warranted [accident, component abrasion, etc.]
  • You will need to ship your worn-out shocks directly to Ridetech for evaluation and repair. You pay for your shipping, and Ridetech will pay for return shipping.
  • Ridetech is not responsible for any removal or installation charges. Ridetech is not responsible for any other repairs or damage that might happen to your car.

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