Brake Booster & Master

Pushing your brake pedal shouldn't require a ton of muscle. When you find yourself pressing harder and harder, or almost reaching the floor, it's time to swap out your worn brake booster with a premium replacement from McGaughys Suspension.

McGaughys brake booster and master cylinder kit gives your brake system a late model performance pedal feel. Our brake booster is designed to create a greater braking force from minimum pedal effort, using a difference in atmospheric pressure and the engine's manifold vacuum. This McGaughys kit comes with a 7" or 9” brake booster, master cylinder, bracket, and hardware. All parts are designed, built, machined & cast in the USA using only the finest quality materials so they can be trusted to make your journey a safe one!

McGaughys brake booster and master cylinder kits fit your 1955-1964 Chevrolet Fullsize Car, 1960-1972 Chevrolet C-10, 1962-1974 Chevrolet Nova, or 1960-1972 GMC C-10. Click below to find the right brake booster and master cylinder kit for your vehicle!