21-23 Bronco HOSS 1.0 Pkg 1.375-3" Lift Stage 2 Suspension System Tubular - ICON K40002T

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21-23 Bronco HOSS 1.0 Pkg 1.375-3" Lift Stage 2 Suspension System Tubular - ICON K40002T

The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Suspension System for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco features front and rear 2.5 EXP Series coilovers to yield increased wheel travel along with superior ride quality and suspension performance both on and off-road. 2.5 EXP Series coilovers combine the performance of a fully rebuildable 2.5-inch diameter premium shock absorber with the convenience and cost-benefits of re-using the Bronco’s factory coil spring and other components. EXP coilovers use a series of snap-ring grooves machined into the shock body to provide easily-selectable ride height adjustment from 1.375-3” of front lift and 1.5-2.25" of rear lift over stock on Bronco’s equipped with the OE HOSS 1.0 suspension package. EXP Series is based on ICON’s proven 2.5-inch diameter Aluminum Series shock absorber, featuring a one-piece impact-extruded aluminum shock body. Hard anodizing provides a great-looking, consistent finish with superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion. The massive 7/8-inch diameter shaft is induction hardened and chrome plated. EXP shocks use the factory shaft-up orientation, with the shaft ends machined to re-use the Bronco’s OE upper shock and spring mounts. EXP Series shocks utilize a one-piece digressive piston design and are custom tuned for the Bronco in conjunction with their stock coil springs to maximize damping performance and provide unsurpassed ride quality, on and off-road. The increased piston size and shock oil volume provided by the 2.5-inch diameter aluminum body also provide superior heat dissipation compared to the smaller, steel bodied OE shocks, resulting in longer-lasting shock performance over prolonged use at higher speeds and through rougher terrain. For those who would like to further tune their suspension, EXP shocks are fully re-valvable (and rebuildable) by any qualified shock technician, with parts available from ICON. To accommodate the increased lift height afforded by the ICON EXP front coilovers, this Stage 2 kit comes with Tubular Upper Control Arms which provide caster correction and feature our patented Delta Joint PRO, which allows for up to 90-degrees freedom of movement. HOSS 1.0 is Ford's "base" suspension system for Broncos with the Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks and Black Diamond trim levels WITHOUT the Sasquatch package. HOSS 1.0 is most easily identified by the BLACK shock bodies of the OE shocks.


  • Vehicle specific design for 2021-2023 Ford Bronco with HOSS 1.0 Suspension Package
  • Vehicle specific tuned shocks for superior shock damping and vehicle control
  • Kit includes full set of (4) 2.5 Aluminum Series EXP Shocks with Internal Reservoirs
  • Adjustable ride heights from 1.375-3” of front lift and 1.5-2.25" of rear lift over stock with the use of snap rings
  • Utilizes factory coils and coil hardware
  • Inverted shaft up design featuring 7/8” diameter, induction hardened, chrome plated shafts
  • One-piece, impact extruded, hard anodized aluminum cylinders offer excellent corrosion resistance and consistent finish
  • Tubular UCAs for added strength, durability, and alignment correction for better drivability
  • UCAs feature the patented (U.S. Pat. 10,731,700) Delta Joint Pro with 90 degrees of total articulation
  • Fully rebuildable and re-tunable
  • Attributes:

    • Add-On Part: 611082 - EXP 1" SHAFT BUMP EXTENSION
    • Add-On Part: 191013 - NIPPLE GREASING ADAPTER KIT
    • Bushings Included: Yes
    • California Proposition 65: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    • Grade Type: Performance
    • Maximum Lift Front: 3IN
    • Maximum Lift Rear: 2.25IN
    • Minimum Lift Front: 1.375IN
    • Minimum Lift Rear: 1.5IN
    • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
    • Shocks Included: Yes


    • OEM Wheels & Tires Fitment: Yes
    • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys - 17x8.5" w/ 5.75” Backspace / 25mm Offset
    • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys - 18x9" w/ 6.00" Backspace / 25mm Offset
    • Recommended Aftermarket Tires: 35" x 12.50" (Recommend high clearance crash bars part number 42000, 37" tires require coilover bump stop spacers along with trimming and modifications)
    • APPLICATION NOTE #55: Shocks Are Fully Serviceable. Lift Heights Indicated Are For A Stock Equipped Vehicle.
    • APPLICATION NOTE #66: 2 Door Models Will Sit Taller Than 4 Door Models.
    • APPLICATION NOTE #138: Recommend High Clearance Crash Bars Part #42000 On Non-Sasquatch Equipped Vehicles When Running 35" Tires
    • APPLICATION NOTE #139: When Running 37" Tires Crash Bar Removal May Be Required But Is Not Recommended
    • APPLICATION NOTE #147: When Running 37" Tires Use Bump Stop Spacer Kit Part #611082 In The Front

    ICON offers a lifetime warranty on all non-wearable components, springs, and weldments.

    ICON's shock warranty is limited to manufacture defect for 12 months from the date of purchase.

    The ICON Delta Joint features a 5-year limited warranty (when used with a complete ICON suspension system).

    The ICON Delta Joint Pro features a 12 month limited warranty (when used with a complete ICON suspension system).

    ICON Alloy warranty is limited to manufacture defect for 12 months from the date of purchase and feature 12-month warranty on chrome finish surfaces as well as a 24-month warranty on painted surfaces.

    Please note that the warranty applies to the parts only. Labor, alignment etc. is not covered under this warranty.

    Contact ICON tech support for more details, (951) 689-ICON.

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