2021-2022 Ford Bronco 2 Door 4In. Suspension Lift (Base Shock Package) - BDS023411

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BDS023411 will built to outperform upgrade your 2021 Ford Bronco with this 4-inch lift kit from BDS Suspension. Designed to improve stance performance and capability this kit includes everything necessary to set your truck up right with clearance for up to 35" tires. To provide a full solution for your Bronco a pair of heavy-duty tie rod reinforcements sleeves are also included to ensure peace of mind while you're pushing your Bronco to the limit out on the trail. This 4 inch lift kit is engineered for additional tire clearance and improved performance without overextending the suspension or driveline angles at full suspension droop. To prevent maxing out ball joints or CV damage BDS gets around this issue a small pre-load spacer is combined with a top spacer to properly achieve height.

HD Upper Control Arms
Built for strength performance and increased travel these upper control arms are ready to bolt-in with most leveled/lifted trucks. They use 1.5" OD x .120-wall tubular construction with an indexed ball joint cup to correct the ball joint positioning allowing additional down travel and camber adjustment. At the frame mounting ends are durometer-specific rubber bushings for maintenance-free operation while at the other end a quality FK uniball joints to create maximum travel. Arms are finished in a durable black powder coat with a billet aluminum dust cap ready for installation right out of the box.


  • Tapered and roll-pointed leafs add flexibility and provide an even deflection rate
  • Increased wheel travel and a softer ride from tapering allow smoother transition between leafs as compression takes place
  • Higher articulation from bolt-style leaf alignment clamps prevents leafs from fanning out allowing leafs to twist and flex
  • Multi-leaf progressive design for smooth ride
  • Anti-friction pads provide a smooth and quiet ride
  • Details-

  • Front Lift Height: 4 IN
  • Front Lift Method: Strut Spacer
  • Pvg Product Status: Active
  • Rear Lift Height: 3 IN
  • Rear Lift Method: Spacer
  • Shocks Included: No
  • Notes-

  • Will not work with models with a height sensor attached to the UCA.
  • A BASE model is considered a Bronco with struts that are BLACK from the factory. Base Big Bend Black Diamond and Outer Banks all come standard with BLACK struts.
  • A BADLANDS model is considered a Bronco with struts that are Yellow from the factory with the reservoir pointing upwards. A Badlands is its own specific model with its own specific suspension package.
  • A SASQUATCH model is considered a Bronco with struts that are Yellow from the factory with the reservoir pointing downwards. Any model can be OPTIONED to a Sasquatch package. Sasquatch is STANDARD on Wildtrack Everglades and First Edition. A Badlands WITH Sasquatch is a SASQUATCH suspension package.
  • Net lift height will vary based on OE shock package (4" on base shocks 3.5" badlands models and 3" on Sasquatch package)
  • 023300 and 023301 can be used ONLY with Sasquatch Suspension Package vehicles. This kit is designed to lift the front of the vehicle 3" and rear 2".
  • Although 37" x 12.50 will work at ride height the tires will still contact the front body mount and possibly rear inner fender through wheel travel and steering lock to lock. If running this size tire and using the full suspension travel these areas must be addressed.
  • Tie rod end sleeve is designed for use on stock inner tie rod ends. Will not work with larger aftermarket inner tie rod ends.
  • The tie rod end sleeve will cover the threads / adjuster section of the inner tie rod to strength a potential weak point of the tie rod. With this the adjustment of the inner tie rod becomes abnormal for a standard alignment shop. To adjust the inner tie rod depending upon how much of the inner tie rod is showing remove the clamp on the inner boot and push the boot up towards the steering rack. The inner tie rod can now be turned in order to adjust the toe.
  • Not compatible with HOSS 3.0 or Raptor Models.
  • Does not fit Bronco Sport models.
  • Wearable Parts - Limited Lifetime Warranty BDS NX2 Series Shocks and BDS/Fox Performance Series Shocks: Shock oil seals are not covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty because they are subject to wear over time and use. At BDS's discretion, leaking shock seals less than 2 years from date of purchase, free from contamination, damage, or abnormal seal wear due to misuse can be considered for repair or replacement under warranty. A shock absorber is a wear item and over time will experience diminished damping resistance due to normal component wear. This is not a defect in material or workmanship and is therefore not warrantable. Defects in material and workmanship do not include such things as dented cylinders or bent rods caused by obvious side impact, rust or corrosion. Fox Proprietary Shocks and Coil Overs: Fox Proprietary parts are covered by their warranty and are not included in the BDS Warranty. BDS may offer to assist with the warranty of defective product, at our discretion. Other warranty concerns should be handled through the Fox Service program. Leaking shock seals less than 1 year from date of purchase, free from contamination, damage, or abnormal seal wear due to misuse can be considered for Warranty. FOX service information can be found here: https://www.ridefox.com/service.php?m=truck Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends: These items are subject to normal wear over time. However, Ball Joints and Tie Rod ends less than 3 years from the date of purchase, that have been properly greased, maintained, and do not show signs of abnormal use can be considered for warranty. BDS Suspension's obligation under all warranties is limited to the repair or replacement, at BDS's option, of the defective material. BDS will cover the cost of ground shipping on warranty items, and a return shipping label if we require the warranty part to be returned to us. Any cost of removal, installation or reinstallation, expedited freight charges, incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from these warranties. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

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