2019-2023 Dodge Ram 1500 (6 Lug) W/Air Ride 0"-2.5" Rear Lowering Kit

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2019-2023 Dodge Ram 1500 (6-lug sixth generation) With Air Ride 0-2.5" Adjustable Rear Lowering Kit 

Our all new fully adjustable ride height sensor links allow you to lower the rear of your air ride equipped Dodge Ram (6th generation) in any increment between stock height and a maximum 2.5” drop. All new drop-links replace your stock sensor arms. Simply pop your stock arms off and snap your new ones onto the factory ball studs. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Adjust the drop by turning the rod ends; just a few turns is all it takes. Once installed, if you’re not happy with your ride height, simply remove one end of each link, give it a few turns (count your turns) and clip it back on. It’s really that simple!

This Active Ride Lowering Kit Includes-

  • Rear Adjustable Sensor Rods
  • Instructions


  • All factory ride height settings still work!
  • All interior preset buttons still lift or lower your vehicle.
  • Our lowering kit simply changed your “stock” baseline.  
  • No error codes post-installation.
  • Lastly, your vehicle can easily be returned to stock if you change your mind.  


  • Only Fits Vehicles With Active Ride/Adaptive Ride (factory air ride).
  • Does NOT Fit Non Air Ride Models
  • Fits 2wd/4wd Models
  • Factory Wheels/Tires Will Fit
  • Fits 6th generation 6-lug Dodge Ram 1500 trucks

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